Reaping, Sowing

sowing reaping

If there is something you want out there, and you are not getting it. It doesn’t mean that what you want is out of reach. It means that you have to alter your life to get it.

You can change your mindset. You can change your behavior. You can change your work ethic. Change anything. Change everything.

In short, change what you sow.

sow: verb \ˈsō\ to scatter seeds upon the earth for growth

You’re always sowing. Every day. Every minute. That’s something I don’t think most people realize.

Through actions and non-actions, you are sowing seeds. Right now, as you read this, you are planting something for a future harvest. Today at work. At home. At school. You planted something. You, at your very own hand, are constantly sowing. And sowing. Think about your life. Think about what you are doing. What are you planting? What are setting yourself up for in the future? Think about your last year, month, week, or even day. What are you going to reap from what you just sowed?

reap: verb \ˈrēp\ to harvest a plant or crop from a field

You are always reaping too. Every day. Also, something that I don’t think most people realize. You reap the harvest from the seeds you planted yesterday. You reap the harvest from seeds you planted a week ago. A month ago. A year ago. A decade ago. And even further back.

You aren’t having the worst luck this year.

You are reaping, right now, what you already sowed. You will reap, in the future, what you are sowing today.

Yes I know life isn’t fair. And I know sometimes bad things happen to good people and vice versa. But for the most part, in the long run, people reap what they sow.

If you have issues with what you are reaping, change what you sow. Change how you sow it. And keep your harvest in mind.

Don’t let weeds grow if you want flowers. By doing nothing to your fields, weeds will grow. It will be weeds that you reap…Under-watering will kill the seeds you plant. So will over-watering. Know how to care for what you want to harvest…Don’t plant apple seeds, when you want to eat oranges…Don’t plant a hundred different plants. Plant one or two. And really focus on caring for it or them…Some plants take longer to grow than others. Be actively patient in your care of them.

There are many different plants with many different seeds. There are a hundred ways to care for each.

You have to realize what you sow. You have to put real thought into what you sow.

But first the question you need to ask yourself isn’t, ‘What do I want to sow?’ It’s, ‘What do I want to reap?’ Then figure out what to sow. And how to sow it.

So, what do you want to reap? Then, what do you need to sow?