Bare Knuckle People Management

How do I honestly review a book written by one my closest friends? How do I endorse a book by a guy who I’ve known for my whole life? A guy who basically had a hand in raising me?

It is difficult to be in that position given how many of you trust my judgement. I don’t want to take advantage of that by giving an obviously biased opinion. So I will ignore reviewing the book and just talk about the author…Sean O’Neil.

If I ever have to say anything important to a boss at work…if a friend is struggling and I don’t really know how to approach him…if I ever have to say anything to my parents…if I ever want parenting advice for my own kids…I go to Sean. That is not a fabrication of the truth in any way.

I have gone to him probably a thousand times in my life for advice on how to deal with every kind of person. And he always helps me deliver my message. Always the right way.  

He just understands people and how to deal with them. Every kind of people, individually. In all shapes and sizes and colors and creeds. He sees their point of view. He sympathizes with their needs and wants. And helps get your point across to each individual to help get what is best for you, and what’s best for them.

Sean is incredible. There isn’t a thing he can’t and won’t do in this world. Spend 10 minutes with the guy and you will know that. He is successful with everything he touches.

This work, this book, Bare Knuckle People Management, is an extension of who he is. And what he does best. So I can actually endorse the book as well. I read it…it’s great. It’s practical. It’s helpful. It’s insightful. It’s him.

If you manage people in any capacity and want to learn how to deal with the issues you inevitably face, buy this book. If you know a manager and you want to help him or her, send them a copy. They will thank you for it.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Look it up. Read the reviews online. They will all tell you the same thing.

Thank you for the support. Thank you for supporting Sean.

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