Take a long, hard, honest look at your life. What is it, right now, that you are proving to be true? You have a past. You have a present. What is it proof of?

Are you proof that life is hard? Are you proof that it is tough to get back up when you get knocked down? Are you proof that you can’t have everything you want? Are you proof that you can live a life void of passion? Void of flavor? Are you proof that you can live a life void of life?

All that sucks. Don’t you want to be proof of something more? Something better?

Be proof that anyone can do more, if they have less. Be proof that anyone can do more, even if they have more. Be proof that whether you come from the highest of wealth or the lowest of poverty, or anywhere in between, that you can still live a life with dignity, pride, and passion.

Be proof that anyone can do anything, try anything, and be anyone they want in this world. Be proof that all it takes is drive, and determination, fearlessness and confidence to do that anything, to try everything, to be someone.

Be proof that you don’t have to be miserable in a bad situation. That bad times don’t have to come with a bad attitude, or negativity. Be proof that in those really bad times, a person can still be filled with hope. And pride in everything they do. And pride in the person they are.

Be proof that your lows only exist to compliment your highs. That those bottoms are there for learning and growing. Be proof that lows can actually turn into fuel to propel you back up to those highs. Rocket fuel.

Be proof that you can take the high road when everyone else seems to be riding low. That you can actually help people up to the high road simply with kindness and compassion and understanding.

Be proof that nothing in this world comes without a price. And that the price you pay for everything you attain, both material and not, is one hundred percent worth the entire expense, to you.

Be proof that anything is possible in this world. For anyone. Be proof that someone can have it all if they just go get it all.

Be proof that you can make your mark on this world, leaving a lasting impression on it. And an even greater impression the people in it. Be proof that those lasting impressions can have a positive rippling effect that can actually make the world a better place.

Be proof that it doesn’t matter who you were yesterday, only who you are today. Be proof that who you see yourself becoming tomorrow, the person you strive to be tomorrow, is completely reflected in your behavior and decisions today.

Don’t prove to me. Don’t prove it to your friends, or your parents, or your spouse, or even your kids. Just prove it to yourself. That will be proof enough for everyone else.