The push.

What gets you off the couch in the morning? What moves you to go to school or to work each day? More than just going though the motions, what drives you to get all the way there? To get over the hill or over that hump. To that place that you call success. What is that thing in your life pushing you to get you where you want to go?

In different times in my life, I have been motivated by different things. Some positive. Some not. Some that really helped me along the way. Some that didn’t.

We have all seen people who become successful, yet are miserable. And they are bewildered by their misery. How, in success, could you possibly be miserable? Why would you be unfulfilled? That misery is the result of being driven by the wrong things. These people were pushed by money or power or fame. They are left unfulfilled because the thing that was driving them is no longer there. They got it. It’s over. Dead. They killed it. And their life’s work was all for something that no longer exists. That is the gaping whole. That is the emptiness now in their lives.

Do not let yourself be one of these people. Find great things in life to motivate you. Find positive things. To stir your pot. To rev your engines.

By that I mean, be pushed by passion not fear. Be driven by personal pride not ego. By love not hate. Health not sickness. Greatness not money. Use the building of strength as your motivation, as opposed to trying to accumulate power. Do you understand that difference? Be driven by respect not fame. Be pushed by integrity over anything else. Be pushed by the present and the future, not your past. By life not death. But find life in your inevitable death. Be driven by happiness not anger. In eternal gratitude not dark, gross envy. Make sure you are pushed by winning not not-losing. Be inspired by friends and family not enemies.

You can even want material goods. That’s human. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it is fine to be driven by material things. Just appreciate them when you get them. Enjoy those moments with whatever you buy. You can have good times with money and things. That is a fact. It’s the people that keep acquiring and don’t enjoy that are the ones really missing the point.

In our low times we grasp at anything to get out of the hole. To get whole again. Fear, ego, hate, money, fame, envy, and enemies…whatever will lift us higher. But succeeding after being motivated by the wrong things leaves you feeling empty. Maybe successful, but empty.

Whether you are up or down, look for the great in the world. Look for the great in your world. And ride in that car. Let that great quality, or great trait, or great-ness drive you to wherever you want to go. Success and happiness can be intertwined. You just need the right push.