T-Shirt for Japan’s Tsunami Victims

Benevolence or jin, is one of the 7 tenets of the samurai warriors. Benevolence means charity. Or giving back to the less fortunate. As much as the samurai were feared warriors, they prided themselves on giving back to those in need.

I’ve done so little charity work in my life, that I’m embarrassed. Not just because a person should always give back. But also because it is just good for the soul. And anyone who cares about the health of their soul should give back.

So when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I thought this was an opportunity. Not just to do something today, but to start down a path of helping the less fortunate. I created this design and set up T-shirts and other items on CafePress. And proceeds from the sale of these items will go to charity.

I cannot name the specific charity right now, because you need to contact the specific charity and before you can use their name. I will do that immediately.

The T-shirts are for sale here: http://www.cafepress.com/urban_samurai

Thanks for any support.