If we eat wrongly,
No doctor can cure us;
If we eat rightly,
No doctor is needed.

Doctor Victor G. Rocine, a Norwegian homeopath 1930

In an attempt to eat healthier, I began researching what I should and shouldn’t be putting into my body. And I came across this passage. It’s amazing what you can find to help you…when your eyes are open to it. When you are ready to hear it.

This quote applies to your diet, of course. But this quote can also apply to life.

If we live wrongly,
No doctor can cure us;
If we live rightly,
No doctor is needed.

We all know what is good for us. There is no genius in that. You don’t need me, or anyone else, to tell you that what you are doing is right or wrong. That what you are doing is helping or hurting you. Is better or worse for you. I know those answers with everything I do, and every single thing that I have ever done. And so do you.

If we live wrongly, if we are consistently doing things that are bad for us, there is no cure out there for that. What could a doctor possibly do? What solution starts with anything other than you controlling your own behavior? You could work with the greatest nutritionist in the world. But if you eat a pint of ice cream right before bed every night…he or she is not going to really be able to help much. You need to fully understand that.

It is on us to live life the right way. And we all know the right way to live.

I know some of us have extra mental health needs. That could mean meds. That could mean psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Or mental health practitioners of any kind. I don’t pretend to think that if you are living right, that all mental health needs are just going to vanish. A lot won’t. Well…mine definitely don’t. As a result, part of my own ‘living rightly’ this year is going back into therapy. Something that I am really looking forward to. Something I am completely unashamed about. It’s actually something I am proud of. This is another step in the ever-evolving process that is my path of personal growth.

But I’m not entering therapy in a bad place. I’m going in, at a time that I’m living rightly. Making right decisions. Smart decisions. Doing what is best for me and my family. Doing my small part in what is best for the betterment of the world.

I know that if I am living this way, living rightly, along with the right shrink, I can really get some good work done on myself. I can grow. And better myself. I also know that if I’m not living rightly, there is no one that will be able to help me.