Single-mindedness is all-powerful.


I wrote the other day about Purpose. If you know your purpose in life…this is the time for single-mindedness. To take your entire mind-share and place it on your singular purpose. To take everything else that enters your brain, that is outside this purpose, and throw it in the garbage.

Do not confuse single-mindedness with short-sightedness or immediacy. If your purpose in life is happiness, then short term happiness that causes long-term unhappiness is not the answer. Do not taint your journey by cheating and lying and stealing, under the guise of purpose.

Just consider it in everything you do. Focus everything you have, every bit of mind-share, every ounce of energy you can muster, into this one purpose.

I used to try to be everything to everybody. It got me nowhere.

There is power in focus. Real power. To overcome any obstacles. To overcome any adversity. To overcome naysayers. Haters. Negativity. Your past. Your present. These things are all left far behind, when you’re driven by the wings of sustained focus.

What do you have your heart set on? What is your main goal in life? What do you want to accomplish? It may not happen tomorrow, or as fast as some of us might want it to, but if all your effort goes towards acquiring this single thing, there is little that can stop you.

This doesn’t sound that easy right? You have things you need to do in your day, right? Sure. That is true for all of us. But you have free time. And you have choices to make in that time. You probably have choices to make in the time that you don’t consider to be free time. Make the right choices.

Every purpose. Every goal. Every dream, has steps that it takes to get there. Know your end goal. Understand the steps it takes to live the life you want to live. Or understand the steps it takes to move towards your end goal. Then run everything you do through this filter: Is what I am doing, right this minute, serve my purpose? If that answer is yes, then have at it. If that answer is no, then that thought or that action should be cast away. Not to be done. Not to be regretted later. Not to be thought about at all. That was not a missed opportunity. That was something that would take you further away from the only thing you really want in this world. From the very thing that you and your life serve…your purpose.

You have been placed on earth for this and this only. For this purpose. For this one goal. For this one f-ing thing in your life that means so much more than any other.

Single-mindedness. Always focus on your main thing. Think nothing else. Do nothing else.