The Death of Hope

“There is no nighttime or problem that a sunrise or hope could not conquer.”

Hope…the thread on which we hang our last breaths. The driving force in all our good wishes. The prayers sent out to the unknown to bring onto you and others, some form of good fortune.

The hope of a small village in a 3rd world country that they will be saved from famine, or disease. The hope that a company can keep the lights on through tough economic times. The hope of a young child from the ghetto to make it to the NBA. The hope for a better day. The hope for a better life.

Entire populations of countries rest their hopes on leaders to unite them. Or push hopes on their young soldiers sent out to battle. Or hang their hopes on Olympic athletes to deliver medals.

Hope for those things is good. For things out of your control, hope is really the only thing you have. And the positive well wishes that you put out there…while I don’t know if it makes a difference in anything other than your spirits…it’s certainly better than negative energy oftentimes put out into this world.

That kind of hope I have no issue with.

Hope for one’s self is the problem. I realized this last night, took out my katana, and I killed it. Dead. The hope in me for myself…is forever gone.

So what slides into the void in me formerly occupied by hope…? Knowing.

I no longer hope for a better days. I know I can make my days better. I don’t hope I get the job, I know I can go get that job. There is no more hope that long lost friends come back to me. I know I can go seek them out and resurrect those relationships myself. I don’t hope that anything is going to turn out a certain way. I know…that I can make any way I want something to turn out…turn out my way.

Belief. Knowing. This power that comes with the certainty that your life is in your hands. The understanding that no one else is going to come in with a red cape and a blue suit and save your day. Because, no one else is coming. Unbutton your shirt and look down. The S is on your chest.

Hope is something that allows for a factor of doubt. Do not doubt you. Hope is about someone else or some divine force coming in and doing something to help you. You do not need that kind of assistance. That kind of help isn’t even satisfying. It’s not getting you where you really want to go. It’s not even worth it.

Build up your personal tool set. Know yourself. Better yourself. Know the things you want and know that you are the one that is going get them.

You want to hope for something…? Hope for a realization. A realization that you have all the strength inside of you, to build yourself up to get anything you need and want. Start knowing that. Stop hoping.