The Walk of Fame

There was a time when the audience started to grow when I thought…Urban Samurai could make me famous. And recently, as the numbers continue to grow larger, faster, it’s no longer about me thinking it could make me famous, it’s knowing that it could.

If I just focused on this, and actually promoted it and myself, I could have 100,000 in this community in a fairly short time. The numbers would only increase rapidly from there.

There was a moment in time…when I hit somewhere around 8,000 members on Facebook when I started thinking about Urban Samurai as a brand. I have a business mind. So the thought was inevitable, albeit a really gross one.

Think about that. Something I hold so precious. So close. Something I take so much pride in. Something I refused to compromise…for anything. And now maybe I would compromise this entire thing. For more than just a moment, I was thinking about what Urban Samurai could give me back…in fame. Apparently the emotional riches I receive daily wasn’t enough.

I’ve always maintained that I am far from perfect. And this is hard evidence of the fact that I still have a ways to go.

But it made me ask the question…do I want to be famous?

Think about that really. Do you want people laughing at your jokes, even if they are not funny? Do you want all these friends who wouldn’t really be your friends otherwise? Do you want people coming to you for answers, when you are only filled with questions? Do you want to be pulled in a million different directions, all of which are the opposite direction of your passion that got you there in the first place?

I don’t want any of those things. And they all ride shotgun to fame. There is no escaping them.

I understand that there is still a good possibility that I do become famous from this. It is growing faster than ever. Even if I just keep doing what I am doing, it’s almost probable at this point.

But it will happen organically. Without me doing the normal self-promotion you see with so many blogs. Without retweeting any tweets that compliment me. Without me cheapening this community which to me, is the richest I can imagine.

And if I do become famous and get some of the negatives that come with that…then at least it would be for something I held so precious. So close. Something I was so proud of, the entire time. Something that I never compromised…ever.

Fame is nothing but added attention. Don’t strive to be famous. Strive to do something that which you are proud. Let the effects of that pride ripple through everyone you touch. That, I believe, will take you to a place way, way above fame. Above anything.