Medicine often comes in pill form. Or as a liquid or a powder. And sometimes as a vapor. You can swallow it, snort it, breathe it, and even put it up into a place where more things exit your body, than enter.

I recently spent a weekend with a group of good friends. This is a group of guys that make me feel better, just being around them. I can think of multiple stories about each one of them and laugh out loud. On the spot. This is a group of guys that if I see a commercial that isn’t meant to be funny, but there is one thing on there that really makes me laugh, I can call any one of them and bring it up, and they’ll know exactly what I am talking about, and exactly why it is funny…to both of us.

The weekend, with these guys, it’s medicine for me.

I didn’t even know I was sick. I was actually feeling quite good. But after spending just the first few minutes with everybody, I realized it was exactly what I needed. It was like a doctor just dropping off a prescription at your apartment without even examining you, and it being the perfect antidote for what you have.

It’s medicine.

I always hear about older people or sick people forgetting to take their medicine. I have gone through long stretches where I didn’t take mine. And that is a mistake. A mistake I really don’t want to make anymore.

This is a group of people who want nothing less than what is the absolute best for me. Who genuinely root for me. A group of people that I want nothing less than what is the absolute best for them. A group of people I constantly root for. These are guys who are good at heart. Good to the core. And especially good to me, as friends. Each of them. My friend, separately. And together.

All of them know I write this blog. And I don’t tell that to anyone. I’ve told my immediate family, my sister in law, and these guys. And that’s it. And they all treat this, which let’s be honest, isn’t really that normal, like it is something completely normal. I don’t know if they all really buy into what this is, but they all respect me enough to know that I do.

More medicine.

These guys just make me feel better. Even when I am feeling great, they make my life greater. It’s that simple.

Home is a medicine too, it just treats different symptoms. You don’t take cold medicine when you have poison ivy. You rub some weird pink lotion all over your body. Home treats the colds. It warms your heart like chicken soup. It cures the basic human ills with love and compassion and family.

This time with these guys is like the pink lotion. It takes the irritants of everyday life and makes them go away. Even if just for a bit. It scratches the itch, even if you didn’t realize you had a rash.

Your medicine might come in the form of friends. Or good books. Or exercise. It could be anything really. You know what it is. Just remember to take it. It makes it all better.