Battle to the Death

It has come to this…

People say to choose your battles. Well, this one wasn’t chosen by me. It got shoved in my face. The second I realized that the one thing standing in the way of my goals, of my dreams, was you.

I have no choice but to fight.

You think I don’t know that you’re in my way. You think I don’t know that you are trying to stop me from getting where I want to go. You think that you are going to get what is rightfully mine. I see you standing there. And you’re not getting any of it.

You dance around, trying to distract me. But I cannot be distracted. My sole focus is on my goal. And it’s right behind you. It’s impossible to distract something coming in with laser-like focus. Headed for the bulls-eye that your chest is unfortunately in front of.

You try for a sneak-attack. You think you can slip a punch in without me knowing. But it’s hard to sneak-attack something coming straight at you. Especially, if you can’t match the force.

You come at me with things like fate. And I respond with determination. With resolve. By never giving up, no matter what all the signs are telling you. No matter what the signs are telling me.

You land a blow. And then you pronounce to the world that this is the evidence that this dream, my dream, is your destiny. Not mine. But down 7 times, up 8. I charge again.

And you are correct, this is not my destiny. This is my earned right. I earned this, with sweat. And tireless training. Constant readying of both my body and my mind.

You have hope. But I battle you with something far more powerful than hope. I attack…knowing. With a confidence born from years of work. Born from dedication. You can hope all you want. But I know I am going to defeat you.

You place the remainder of your chips on luck. But I’ve already eliminated luck from the equation. Banished it from ever affecting me. I attack with skill. Perfected skill. So luck doesn’t exist in my world, and therefore no one can ever defeat me with it.

You retreat. Still I charge.

You’re praying to God to save you. And I’m thanking Him, for giving me everything I need in order to create myself. For giving me everything I need to achieve what I need to achieve. I show respect to God by maximizing every last bit of natural talent he’s given me. By realizing every last ounce of potential in my human form. I don’t need anyone to save me.

And nothing can save you now.

You stall. You want to prolong this battle. Because the longer this battle goes on, the better off you think you are. But I finish. I am a finisher. When I get to the 10 yard line, I’m getting 6 points. Nothing less.

I close this out. And I close you out. Because I can. Because I should. Because you are in the way of my Way.

And I don’t feel remorse. I don’t even think about you again. Our mission was the opposite. You targeted me. While my target was never you. It was something way bigger than you. Way beyond you.

You were just a bump in my road…and I rode over you.