A Separation from the Dreamers

You have a dream? Great. Everyone has a dream.

Even if it’s deep down in someone’s heart and not talked about. Even if it is not fully in the conscious mind. They are everywhere. 7 billion people on this planet, all wanting something bigger. Something better. All wanting something more. And the funny thing is, with all these different types of people, in wildly different lands…the dreams aren’t that much different from each other.

There are very few of us resting our hopes on getting a cashier job at a fast food chain. Few of us that can’t sleep at night, hoping we finally get the opportunity to someday bus tables. To sweep streets. To clean bathrooms. These aren’t bad jobs. But we can all agree, these are hardly dream careers.

And obviously, dreams just aren’t about work. Think about the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Are you dreaming of finally landing that miserable, abusive, unattractive, angry guy with no job, who just got out of prison? Then you would be in luck. Because that guy is out there and most likely single and looking.

We wish for similar things, in people, in jobs, in health, in everything.

I know. No one wants exactly what you want, right? You’re different, right? Wrong. Your dream is not unique.

I would bet, for your dream of dreams, in any aspect of your life, career or otherwise, at least a million other people in this world have that dream too. And that’s for the really weird dreams from the really weird people. Because newsflash…out of those 7 billion people…there are a lot of us weirdos out there. If your dream is not totally strange…expect fifty million other people to also want what you want.

You want to write a book? So do 30 million other people. You want to become a doctor? So do 50 million other people. You want to be the General Manager of a sports franchise? 100 million other people do as well.

So…how do you stand a chance? How are you going to do what a hundred million other people are failing to do? Think about those odds. You versus 100 million people.

I’m not trying to get you to put down your dreams because it’s hopeless. I’m trying to show you what you need to do to realize them. I’m explaining how far you must go. How ready you must be. People say all you need is that window of opportunity to crack open. The people who lose out on their dreams wait for that opening. Don’t wait. Just barrel through the closed window. The cuts from the glass won’t hurt if you get actually there.

So you want to go for it? You want to try to beat out a hundred million people to get what is rightfully yours? You have to find a way to separate yourself from that crowd. To get ahead of all of them. In a credible way. Dying your hair hot pink isn’t going to get it done.

So why you? Why now?

Do you have more talent? More heart? A better attitude? Do you bring it consistently? Do you have incredible perseverance? Drive? Integrity? Are you more loyal? More courageous? Did you find your inner warrior? Did you find your Way?

I could list a hundred more questions, and you would nod in agreement to each. And it’s true, you need some combination of those things to make it. To break through. But you don’t need to read that list here. Deep down, you know all of them already.

At the end of the day, there is one thing that will separate you from all the other dreamers out there…

Doing it. Going after it…and succeeding. It’s that simple. Don’t talk about getting there. Don’t wish to get there. Don’t secretly pine to get there. Just get there. Realize the dream.

This will be the moment of your life. The moment that changes everything else going forward. The resulting satisfaction, specifically with regards to the dream realized, is of little importance. Knowing that you have the ability to do what 100 million people only dream of doing…that’s empowering. That’s that sense of infallibility that turn dreamers into reality makers. Into rain makers.

Dream it. Then do it.