Rockets & Elephants

I read an article the other day detailing NASA’s new plan to start tying elephants to the back of their rockets just before launch. Think that’s a good idea? I know doesn’t sound right. But apparently, a lot of people like the concept.

Of course that’s not true about NASA. That would never happen. NASA scientists aren’t morons. That article doesn’t even exist.

There are reasons that they would never tie 15,000 pound elephants to the back of their rockets, and it’s not because it is inhumane. If it helped the rockets fly better, NASA would probably do it. But elephants obviously wouldn’t help. They would screw up the whole launch. Even if the rockets got off the ground, they wouldn’t fly as fast. They wouldn’t go as high. They wouldn’t stay on trajectory. The rockets wouldn’t get anywhere near where they were meant to go.

You are a rocket. You have every bit of the potential and opportunity to soar in this world as anyone else who has ever taken flight. So, why are you allowing yourself to be tied to an elephant? How far do you really think you will get carrying around 15,000 extra pounds? Or 30K? Or even 60K?

Cut free from that large weight that is holding you down. If that’s a person, let them go. Or detach yourself emotionally from them. If that’s your own baggage, cut that free. Maybe see a shrink, get help. If it is inexperience, get experience. If it is fear, learn the way of the samurai and eliminate fear. Do anything you can to shed all that extra weight that you continually carry around with you. And just fly.

Give yourself every opportunity to get anywhere and everywhere you want to go in the entire universe.

If you are an elephant…that saddens me. It should sadden you. It should embarrass you. If you want to do something for someone this holiday season…cut yourself free. That doesn’t necessarily mean to get out of someone’s life. Just let the rockets go off on their way. Even give them a push in the right direction. Most times, the farther you help someone get, the closer you two will become.