Dallas Strong

1467955544-simsThe sun is up. But it’s hard to shed even a bit of light on this darkness right now. Caused by this rash of violence that reared its ugly head again. This time in Dallas, Texas.

There have been so many instances. If I chose to write about them all, I would never stop writing.

The difference with this one for me. Is that I work in Dallas. And have for the last 3 years.

And this violence. This violence against the Dallas Police Department. This violence against an entire region of people. This violence occurred just a short walk from where I lay my head at night. This violence that took the lives of at least 5 officers. And at least one suspect. Has taken much more from a city. Has taken so much more from the people who live there.

I wasn’t in Dallas last night when this happened. I wasn’t even close to Dallas. But I know what this feels like.


I know about the sadness. And the anger. And the hate. And the fear. And the confusion. And more sadness. And even more anger.

I felt all these things in New York on September 11th, 2001. I felt all these things for far too long after that day.

The rest of the country would mourn those tragic events and still do. Just like the country will mourn this event in Dallas.

But we felt this overwhelming sense of loss in New York. More than anywhere else. The people in Dallas will feel the same way.
And yes, I know. That horrible event in lower Manhattan changed a lot for everyone in the United States. But we in New York. We just lost much more.

From people we knew who fell that day. And people we knew, who knew people who fell that day.

If it was just that. That would have been enough. For any of us to take. I’m sure there are many people who knew these officers in Dallas. And knew people who knew them.

But there was so much more. This loss of security. And this loss of safety. And this loss of comfort. This loss of innocence. Gone forever.

Not unlike the first time you got drunk. Or the first time you had sex. Or the first time you figured out that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real. After that day, the world just looked differently than it did before.

It has ever since.

This is just a million times more magnified. Just a million times worse.

Those in Dallas lost as much last night.

And that makes me so sad.

I unfortunately welcome my Dallas brothers and sisters into the club. The club of people who have experienced terrorism. Right at their front door. A club that once was very exclusive in this country. But over the last 15 plus years, has been accepting members in droves.

But I know so many people in Dallas. I know them well. They are smart. And kind. They are ready and able. And they are proud. Texas proud. And they are really strong. Dallas strong.

I have been one of them. I am now one with them.

I know the people around Dallas will come together after this. I know they will bring justice to those who committed this senseless act of violence. I know this will ultimately make us all in Dallas stronger. And despite what any of us might think right now, eventually better. I am hopeful that this spurs a more unified Dallas. Maybe one better than before. In every way that is possible.

That this makes people open their eyes to this senseless violence. And racism. And ignorance.

We all know there are problems in this world. Apparently all of us don’t know that problems are much better solved with peace. Apparently all of us don’t know that there is more strength shown in peace in turbulent times, than with violence.

I don’t know who is behind the police killings in Dallas. I don’t know the reasons they did this. I don’t care. No matter their reasons. No matter their political affiliations. No matter their religion. No matter their race. No matter their sex. This is an act of terrorism.

This event touches a place in my heart, that doesn’t exist in most. I’m not sure if praying harder does more, but I’m praying as hard for the people in Dallas as I can right now. And for all people that have been closely exposed to terrorism. All around the world. And I pray for the rest of you. That that this rash never ever spreads to your doorstep.