The World As It Should Be

I told you I was going to start posting some of your content. While this isn’t exactly what I meant, I don’t think Chad was intending on me posting this email when he sent it. But I asked and he agreed to allow it, as long as I didn’t use his last name.

His untouched words are below. (I swear I didn’t write the first three sentences…)

I really love the website and Facebook page. It’s fantastic and inspiring. It always makes me think and drives me forward whenever I read it.

I would like to share with you, if I may, a quote that my late fiancé used to say all the time. I really don’t know where she picked it up or if it was hers originally. She was an unfailingly kind and caring individual, always with a smile. Always helping others. She was a martial artist and got me into it as well. She said a lot of deep and spiritual things, but there is one that I will never forget. When I asked her why she was always so helpful and caring, this was her reply.

“Let’s live as though the world is what it should be; so that we can show the world what it can be.”

These words moved me greatly; and even now, 8 years after she passed, I still do my best to live up to them and pass them on, though I’m nowhere near as good at it as she is. Thanks for listening, and I hope you continue down this path.

Your Fan


“Live as though the world is what it should be…” Use that quote as a guide in everything you do. Be big when people are small. Open when people are closed. Compromising when people won’t budge. Be giving to those that take. Be sweet to those who are mean. And forgiving to those who cannot forgive. Smile at those who frown. Listen to those who won’t listen. And approach those who are unapproachable. Some people just need to be shown the way.

Do this for the world and for you. Make the world a better place and you make your own world a better place.

Thanks Chad. A great email.

And as a side note…people react a number of different ways to the loss of a loved one, or anything else tragic in their lives. If you could choose to take one path at the moment of tragedy, I would take Chad’s. Find inspiration in all things, good and bad, to live a better life. Think about that now, decide that now. And God forbid, if the time comes and you experience some great tragedy, go that way.