Day 1

The goal is to transform from myself into a modern day samurai warrior.

I know this might sound crazy to you. You’re probably not alone in that sentiment. If I broadcasted this to everyone I know, I’d be ridiculed. And I wish I was ready to take that…I’m not.

The few people I did tell probably considered calling my wife, or my parents, or an insane asylum.  

But to me, this feels like an awakening. And even though I knew something was wrong, I didn’t know I was sleeping.

My eyes are open now. My heart is pumping. Everything feels sharper. More in focus. I feel more aware of everything around me. And all of this is just based on the decision to become a samurai. I haven’t actually done anything yet.

So what am I actually going to do? How do I turn myself, a ‘normal’ guy, with wife and kids and a dog and a job, into a samurai warrior? It’s a full life change. And it falls into three major areas.

1. Live by a strict moral and ethical code.

The samurai lived by a very strict code of ethics and conduct, called BUSHIDO –  direct translation: the way of the warrior. The basic gist of the code is about living in honesty and living a life of honor, but it touches all aspects of life. It’s seeking perfection in all areas of life. I will cover this in great detail in posts throughout the year. Updating this code to fit in with the modern times and city life.

2. Train to Fight. Train to Kill.

KENDO is modern martial arts based on the traditional Japanese swordsmanship. I am going to train to fight with the sword. In a weird coincidence, one of the most famous Kendo instructors in the U.S. teaches at his dojo only a few blocks from my apartment. It is said that ‘the way of the sword’ will bring on peace of the spirit.

3. Meditate.

Meditation was a large part of the samurai way. Look, I know this sounds like new-age crap. People that talk about the benefits of meditation are usually instant additions to my ‘people I want to kill’ list. But I was fortunate enough to have an ear infection a few weeks ago. It forced me 3x a day, to lie down for 5 minutes on each side to let the drops soak. I wasn’t meditating, but I completely stopped…everything…and I absolutely loved it. How many times during the day do you stop doing something and just sit? No TV. No work. No magazine or book. No phone. For me? Never. And it was great.

They now use ‘samurai’ meditation techniques to train Marines to strengthen their minds, which made me feel more badass and less man-yoga.

This is a total life change, everything I do and the way I’m going to do it.

I’m really looking forward to this journey. And I’m not going to look backwards at all.