‘i doubt anything will come from it’

Someone posted on the site the other day, something that I really liked. I clicked into his Facebook page and read something else he wrote. Also really good.  

I clicked on his info page and saw he was writing a Graphic novel…really cool, right? I’m interested right? I’m trying to find a way to get in touch with him to get a copy, because my Facebook page won’t allow me to message anyone directly. Then I read further…and I see this:

writing a graphic novel

Feb 2011 to present

i doubt anything will come from it.

So, you have a dream. And you are actually pursuing it. But you half ass it, with the attitude that this probably won’t work out? Are you too scared that you might fail to put yourself out there? That’s a cop out. And it’s the wrong way of thinking. And you increased your chances of failure 100 fold. Here is a fact: More people will respect you for really going after something and failing, than half-assing something and failing. So why are you afraid to put yourself out there?

I got irritated when I read this. Like I might at a little brother if I had one. Are you not listening to what I say? I know this specific person reads my stuff. I know a lot of you read my stuff. But is it not sinking in?

I have no bias here. I have no secret motivation. I simply want everyone to live life to the fullest. To pursue their dreams. To achieve their dreams. That is what drives me.

You have dream. You are pursuing it. But you ‘doubt anything will come from it’…? Are you serious? Do you really think that is the path you need to be on? It’s not.

I have a really big audience and it’s growing. If I were to read your graphic novel and really liked it, I’d probably tell everyone how much I liked it. What if someone in the industry is following me and reads that? You have a shot. You all have a shot. Especially if you create something great.

And we here at Urban Samurai don’t create anything other than great.

If you want to fail, you will fail. If you expect to fail, you will fail. If you project failure, you will fail. It’s too hard to succeed in this world and there are too many other obstacles to overcome.

Project success. That’s your edge. Take your shot. Give yourself a real chance. Go after it.

This isn’t over. If you have something you love doing, take a full swing. With everything you have. Put out your best work. Put out the best [insert your dream] anyone can imagine. And then demand that people take notice. Change your attitude and your Facebook page from ‘I doubt anything will come from it,’ to, ‘This is going to be the best damn [insert your dream] anyone’s ever seen.’

Then make it so.

I wrestled with putting this guy’s name on here or not. In the end I came to the conclusion that I should do it. Maybe it will motivate him to change. Maybe someone from a graphic novel company will see his art and want to give him a read. So I say to you George Herrmann…change that line. Change your attitude. And send me a copy when it’s ready. I want to read it. I believe from the two things I saw written, that you are talented. Don’t tell people otherwise, or they’ll believe it.