I haven’t been able to write almost anything in the last month. Everything I do is now a tradeoff against the pile of work on my desk. And the voicemails and emails stacked in my inboxes. Added responsibility brings added time constraints. Not in a bad way. In a really good way actually.

And I understand about life balance. I have a family, and I have been spending the
little free time I have, with them. So when it comes to anything else…it falls off a bit.

But I recently read an email that someone sent to my Urban Samurai account, who just lost her mother to ALS. And the last few months of her mother’s life, when she
was ill in bed, this young woman would read her my writings aloud. And she talked about how much her mother look forward to the readings and and just how much they both enjoyed them.

Timing is a funny thing in life. You might have seen and heard my feelings on God and my questions about the whole concept. But it’s like someone or something, somewhere, doesn’t want me to stop doing this. I’m taking it as a sign.

The fact that this, the fact that something I wrote, is read in someone’s final days on this earth, and made those days a bit better…it’s overwhelming for me, in a really good way.

This isn’t about ego, not even a little. It’s about positively affecting someone’s life. It’s so warming to my heart. To my whole inside. I am not a talented enough writer to put this feeling into words. I just know I want to feel it over and over again. If you haven’t experienced this feeling, or haven’t experienced it in a while, consider making effort towards this.

I know people have callings in life. I never really had one, not until now. It feels really
good. I am reengaging into my writing starting this week. Taking an hour a day to write for you, and of course for me. This isn’t asking for too much from my employer. And it is something I know my wife is proud that I do. And I believe my kids will one day be as well.

Email me anytime. It can be nice, it can be critical, it can be just to say hello. It always feels good to communicate with you.

I didn’t even know what ALS was. It felt right for me to post some statistics below. And a web site for more information. Maybe a donation of $5 towards the research
would be nice too.

-Most people who develop ALS are between the ages of 40 and 75, with the majority after age 60, although it can occur at a younger age.

-The disease is relatively rare; the incidence is roughly 2 people per 100,000 per year.

-Most surveys hold that ALS is more common in men than women, though that gap may be closing.

-The incidence of ALS is five times higher than Huntington’s disease and about half that of multiple sclerosis.

-While there’s no cure, riluzole therapy improves ALS survival for typical patients by a short period of time, around four to six months.

-ALS occurs throughout the world with no obvious racial, ethnic or socioeconomic boundaries.

If you would like more information or the chance to donate: