The Century Mark

This is my 100th blog post. One hundred essays. That’s a lot. And a lot of you…have read a lot of them.  

I’ve written a couple different Facebook status updates recently that although unintended, prompted many of you to ‘thank me’ for writing Urban Samurai. This one truly isn’t about me. It’s about you.

This is me thanking you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading so much of what I wrote. Thank you for putting your stamp of approval on my stuff, by commenting and liking and reposting and retweeting so many times. Thank you for reading my early posts when I really was a bad writer. It gave me the motivation to keep going. It allowed me grow into myself, as a writer, over time. While I still have a ways to go, I know I’ve come so far with the written word. And that is because of you.

This milestone is happening at the same time that the Facebook page just went over 15,000 likes. That’s 15,000 people who see my content in front of them every morning. Hundreds of millions of people have started blogs. Many of them are talented writers and write about interesting topics. But a very high percentage of them don’t have 15K people read their stuff…in total. I’m sure a lot of them get discouraged when people aren’t reading and don’t come close to 100 posts. And this page growing so big and so fast is certainly more a tribute to you and all your comments and discussions and posts. So inciteful. So thought provoking. I could die tomorrow, happy by the way, and I know that this page would not just live on, but thrive.

I’m not trying to throw that Facebook number out to brag. There are plenty of pages that go crazy out there with tons of people liking them. I know this didn’t take off like Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account when he showed his true self. But it’s not supposed to grow like that. I’ve said this before, this isn’t for everyone. Not in an exclusive way, I just don’t think that everyone has this side to them. And I like that. It makes me feel closer to all of you. That we have this commonality in this Way. In this warrior Zen.

I feel better and stronger today than I have in my whole life. I am continuing to become the person I want to become, and that’s spurred on by you. I feel indebted to you all. In a really good way.

Do not thank me again after reading this. Simply say ‘You’re welcome.’ Tip your cap. And acknowledge what you have done for me.