Your Story

Look in the mirror.

That is your best friend. That is your closest confident. Your biggest ally. And your biggest cheerleader.

This is the person who will never leave you. Never cheat you. Never sell you down the river.

This is the person who will be there for you in the good times, and the bad. Through your sicknesses and in health. And definitely, until death do you part. And maybe beyond that.

This is the person who is going to pick you up when you are down. The person that is going to carry you where you want to go. The person who is going to fulfill all your dreams. Even the wild ones.

Because in that mirror is your genie. Your magic wand. The creator of all your luck. The answer to all your prayers. This is the person you have been waiting for. This is your hero. Your savior.

Now look again in that mirror. Look into your own eyes. See that glint? That is where it all starts.

In that glint lies untold, untapped potential. Potential to accomplish anything. Anything you can imagine.

That glint is your spark. A spark that is ready to start the roaring fire that is about to be your life.

That glint is like a cursor…blinking… ready. Ready for you to write your own pages. Ready to type whatever you want. Ready to fill volumes that can only capture a fraction of your magnificence.

Picture yourself charged with the task of training a no-name boxer who was just given a title shot. Because that’s akin to both the opportunity in front of you and the task at hand.

How do you do win that fight? How do you transform that glint into your wildfire? How do you get that person in the mirror to do everything you want, in order to achieve what you want to achieve? How do you fill those pages with the story that should be your life?

Just start typing…anything you want.