Would You Die for You?


A man walks into a room with a gun. And you are there, with your loved ones. What do you do? If you have courage and heart, you step in between that man and the people you want to protect, while you try to diffuse the situation.

But the grim situation worsens. You can feel it going there. You can see it in his eyes. He’s about to pull the trigger. Now, what do you do?

These are your most beloved people on the planet in this room. A child, a spouse, a parent, a sibling.

You step in front. You jump in front. You will not allow a bullet to reach them before it reaches you. I know that it’s not easy, but many people would make the ultimate incredible sacrifice for the ones they love.

What if it’s not a loved one? And it is just a stranger in need. Do you still do it? Do you still step in front? Less people would probably say yes. What if it was a young boy who you didn’t kow? A ten year old. His whole life in front of him. A lot of people would shield him from death. That’s true.

So, you would step up and put your life on the line for a loved one. You might put it on the line for a complete stranger. Now, would you do it for you?

You are miserable. You are depressed. You are in the worse situation of your life. And there is something in your personality that is keeping you there. An addiction. A behavior that you can’t change. Poor decisions that you’re making every day, because something in your personality makes you go there.

Would you step in front of a bullet to save yourself? Would you take a bullet and kill a part of yourself, to save yourself?

It’s not easy to die for someone else. But it’s definitely harder to die for yourself.

It is.

We hold on to the very people we are with a tight grip. Even when that same person is leading us into an abyss. Or keeping us down there. We go down with that ship. Our ship. The one we built. The ship shaped from our experiences and our gene pool and our own emotions.

Do you place a high enough value on you? Would you die for you? For yourself. Would you kill the very person you are, to become the person you want to be?

That is what it takes. That is what real personal change is. To kill the person we have been, our whole lives. The person we grew up to be. The person we think has it figured out. The answer isn’t that you ‘would’ or ‘wouldn’t’. The answer is that you need to. You need to kill that person in cold blood. To murder him until the only things left are the foundation you wish to build off of. The foundation that is going to get you where you want to go.

I know we like who we are, most of us. Some self-aware people may not, but most of us feel pretty comfortable in who we are. But if things are miserable and they are not changing, isn’t it time to make a switch? Don’t you want to kill that lazy? Don’t you want to kill that insecurity? That fear? Anything keeping you below the surface needs to be dealt with.

Step in front of a bullet and take one for yourself.

What is your life worth to you? It has to be worth dying for.