Feeding the Beast

Stop feeding negativity. Just stop. You can control it. You can eliminate it from your life.

And don’t fight against it. There are a lot of things to fight against. Negativity isn’t one of them. That works against you. Fighting actually fuels the very thing you thing you’re battling against. Just do not entertain it. Do not let it into your system.

Negativity affects us in our worst times. In our low times. It comes in through the cracks in our foundation. It seeps in, like water. Those cracks are self-doubt. Those cracks are our fears. And in our low times those cracks get bigger. Wider. More exposed. And they are like a magnet to negativity. Or better put, the cracks in our foundation are like a drain for negativity.

Negativity surrounds us all the time. Both externally and internally. Doom and gloom can be all over the place…if you want to see it. If you want to wallow in it. It’ll shade our glasses, so that everything we see, everything we are a part of, all of our current circumstances, everything that we are going for, appears miserable. Appears hopeless. It’s screaming at us to turn back. To give up. To quit entirely, because we are never going to make it. Negativity always knew we never had a chance to make it.

But you do not have to listen. You do not have to pay attention. You really don’t. It only means something if you let it mean something.

Yes, there are some people who have experience that have failed. And they predict failure for us. Hoping they are right more than hoping we are successful. And they cast the negativity upon us. And all these people aren’t evil. Some of this ‘advice’ comes from a good place. But whether it comes from goodness or jealousy, you don’t have to embody their projection. You can use that experience. Learn from their doubts to strengthen a weakness. Just don’t take the negativity and walk away abandoning your dream. Take what you practically need from these people, then discard them from your life. Or at least from this topic.

Yes we have all experienced failure. And internally, we waffle between confidence and insecurity because of that. Use failure as motivation to never feel like a failure again. Use it to drive you to succeed. Not as a reason to quit. Not as the reason that your dreams get left unfulfilled.

So many things have helped me since I started this. It’s hard to argue that any one thing helped me the most. But the removal of negativity from my life. The elimination of even a shred of doubt, has helped me at least as much as anything.

And the same negativity is still around me. All the time. I just don’t listen. I don’t acknowledge it. I have goals. And nothing and no one is going to get in the way of that. Is there a chance I’m not going to achieve my goals? Not in my mind.

But you do need a goal in life. That is simple fact. No one is traveling a shorter distance than the man without a goal, who wallows in negativity.

Have a specific goal you want to hit. And go after it.

I think of a man with a goal, as something akin to a giant drill bit. A spinning, driving, gigantic drill bit. Carving through anything in its path to get at what he wants. Think of how you would attack a giant drill bit. I’m not saying a drill bit can’t be stopped. I’m saying that people making derogatory comments isn’t going to stop it. They would just bounce off. If spinning fast enough, if driving hard enough, negativity tossed at a drill bit, would be shot off to a faraway place.

Cast aside negativity the same way on your path to glory.