Leaving Your Mark

I used to talk and write about wanting to leave a mark on this world. Boldly. Loudly. With exclamation points and large fonts and pounding fists. That’s what I wanted to do. To leave a mark. To leave my mark.

But that’s not it. That’s really…so not it. That’s egotistical actually. It’s immature.

It took me a while to realize that.

It’s not about leaving your mark on this world. It’s about pursuing your passions so hard that your mark is left on this world.

I know that sounds like a subtle difference, but it’s not. It’s not subtle at all.

It’s not about your name being out there. It’s about you being out there. This isn’t about some accomplishment you rung up for people to see. It’s about your passions being pursued. So vigorously. And then yes, your mark left might be because of your accomplishments, but mostly as the result of your passion. The passion that led to your success is magical for people to witness. That and your drive. That drive that wouldn’t allow you to do anything else but accomplish what you set out to accomplish. The drive that wouldn’t allow you to be stopped by anyone or anything to reach that goal. That drive that got you to reach your potential. To exceed it. That’s what is special.

It’s not the accomplishment itself. It’s the life living it. A life lived so fully, lived going after exactly what you were born to be going after, and done all so well…that everyone and everything that you touch is affected.

That isn’t just going to leave a mark on the people who notice. This is leaving a tattoo on the brain of everyone you meet. A permanent stamp on everyone who even touches someone you’ve touched.

Obviously success in a career can result in a mark left, but I’m not solely talking about work. Please don’t mistake these words for just that. I’m talking about it all. Everything. Every aspect of your life. Everything you’re passionate about. Being a father. A friend. A husband or wife. An employee. An employer. A son. A daughter. A brother or sister. Being a blogger. Being a webmaster. Being a fan of a sports team. Being a fisherman. I don’t care what it is.

Anything that defines who you are as a person. Have at it. With everything you have. Success there will be the ultimate for you. That will be everything that you need. A life worth every bit of living.

Then your mark will most certainly be left on this world, but you will be so in your glory living your passion, that you won’t bother to notice.