Don’t Forget Your Roots

When one is not capable of true intelligence, it is good to consult with someone of good sense. An adviser will fulfill the Way when he makes a decision by selfless and frank intelligence because he is not personally involved. This way of doing things will certainly seen by others as being strongly rooted. It is, for example, like a large tree with many roots. One man’s intelligence is like a tree that has been simply stuck in the ground.


The best part about all these samurai books is that they are lessons that apply throughout your life…this is a whole way of life. A samurai conducts himself the same way in battle as he does at home during peacetime. And a lesson taught about one aspect of life should be spread throughout the samurai’s entire life. This passage isn’t just talking about advice on a difficult subject. It’s about asking for help when you need it, in any kind of difficult situation.

It’s no surprise, when things are going well for me, they continue to go well. And when things are going poorly for me, they get worse.

The reason for that is that when things are going well, I’m communicating with everyone I know. I ask for and take advice. I ask for help whenever I need it, feeling truly comfortable in my own skin. And when I am in my worst spots, when I need people the most, I shut off everyone. I don’t answer my phone. I let emails pile up. I make excuses to get out of social situations. In my darkest times, I turn off the lights and pretend as if nobody is home.

It’s the opposite of how anyone should react.

If social networking has taught us anything, it’s that we all have large support systems in our lives. No one is alone out there. No one needs to be alone ever, especially in bad times.

Scientists discovered that the largest living organism on the planet is a series of aspen trees in Utah. Because it’s not a series of trees, the root system is all connected. (the only other arguable thing bigger is a giant fungus…which is funny). It is really…one tree.

This is the same for people. Everyone out there is their own tree, but with connected roots all over the place. Roots ground you so you don’t fall over. They nourish you, enabling you to live. And they’re connected to you. They’re not going anywhere. Tap into them when you need them. Do not forget your roots are always there, at the ready.