Sun Shower

Your sky is not covered. While there may be dark, ominous clouds hovering above, it’s not completely clouded over.

Think of your entire world. It goes on for a long time…in so many different directions. The sky that covers it is equally as big.

Even on your darkest days, there are rays of sunlight that shine through. Somewhere in your sky. Rays of light that are always shining through. If you can’t see them, you’re not looking hard enough. You’re not looking through the storm, you are looking at it.

I know you have to still carry an umbrella. And you have to deal with the rain and the thunder and lightning and the hail that is attached to these dark storm clouds. But that is not all there is…not in your entire sky. No matter how much it feels that way sometimes, there is not only rain coming down on your life.

Every storm in your life is like a sun shower. While it’s raining overhead, there is sun out there shining in the distance. The rain makes those sun rays even that much more beautiful. It accentuates them. It highlights them.

Sunlight is a part of your day. All day long. Every single day.

As a guy with two kids, there are two little suns shining around me, all the time. Sometimes it takes me a bit to notice their light. Especially after a hard day.

This week, there were a few consecutive, especially stormy days. And as hard as those days were, the light only shined brighter at home. Yet blind and dumb, I struggled to see it.

Sometimes I get so busy fighting the storms that I forget all about the sun. Or I continue to fight as I pass right through light. Fighting right in those rays of beauty. There is me, sticking out like a white rose on a battlefield. Yet, it’s the opposite. I am in a field of white roses and I am there, by myself, in battle.

Never fight in the light. When you are in so much darkness, when you are in the midst of the storm, and you get that ray of sunlight, you need to play and laugh and love in it. Nothing else.

Deal with the storms any way you have to, but dance in those rays of the sun.