The Will to Live

Human beings are mammals. And while our brains are advanced, we are still closely related to the animal kingdom. We are them. They are us. We can learn a lot about our natural selves by studying animals in the wild.

To me, one of the most remarkable attributes of all animals is their will to live. I supposed out in the wild, if you have any nutritional value and you didn’t have a will to live, then you’d be extinct already.

In all species that thrive today, there is this fight. A fight to avoid predators. A fight to survive. A fight for what’s theirs. This incredible will to live. It’s almost like a will to thrive. And amongst their peers, a will to be king.

Animals have actually evolved over time to elude predators. Their will to live is so strong that their DNA gets altered. Think about that. The makeup of their entire species changes to preserve themselves in their fight to stay alive. This fight to thrive. And I’m not talking millions of years ago. They just did a study on birds in Australia, and they found out that one species of birds now chirp louder in the city than their country relatives. Just so they can be heard over the city noise. This isn’t simply the birds raising their voices. This is a DNA shift…in the last 50 years, their DNA has changed to help the speicies.

Now, if we are animals…where is that same will in every human being?

It’s there. Inside of you, somewhere, is that same exact will. The will to live. The will to take what is yours. The will to thrive. These feelings are innate. I see it in the human nature of my young children. I see it in the nature of my dog. They are weirdly similar. They want to take what is rightfully theirs. And everything is rightfully theirs.

Where is your fight? Where is your will? What is yours? And why aren’t you taking it?

Sometimes I can get in my own head. I let society, negative people, bad experiences, or anything number of things cloud my brain. These are like predators. We need to evolve and find a way to fight these things off.

Living in society is not like living out in the wild. If you are weak in the wild, you are killed in a hurry. Here, you die too, just without the actual death part…and to be part of the masses, with their broken wills, the living dead…that’s much worse than actually dying.

You have animal instincts. You have inside of you this fight. This internal survival mode that will allow you to do anything to preserve yourself. Anything to get what is yours. If life has masked these instincts, and you are beaten down, you need to look inward. Dig. Unearth what is naturally there…inside of you. Find that spirit again. That will again. Live again. Go get what’s yours.