Living Alive

I don’t share many specific details about my personal life in these writings, but here is one. I’m turning forty this week. Another milestone birthday coming and soon to be going.

The average life expectancy of US males is close to 80 years old. So forty, to me, is the midpoint of life. And with my life moving at warp speed, I needed to stop. And to think. About this day, right smack in the middle of my story.

It’s amazing how old I thought forty was when I was 15, and still at 25 and 30. Even at 39.9, I don’t believe I am actually going to be 40 years old.

Forty. Years. Old.

But don’t worry. There will be no comb over on top of my head anytime soon. No ridiculous convertible to race around in. And of course, no young girlfriend. Mid-life crisis’ are for dead people. People who haven’t lived or aren’t living. They are for people desperate to recapture a youth they never had or to live some life, different from the one they are in right now.

That’s not me.

I lived in my youth. And I am definitely alive right now.

This 40 though, this midpoint, got me to think…what do I want the 2nd half of my life to be? How do I want it to look? How do I want it to feel? Is every part of my life right now where I want it to be or headed in that direction?

I know that if I want a different life now, I could be living that different life. Many people don’t realize that. All you have to do is imagine the life you want to live, and just go live it. Radical change won’t happen overnight, but with effort and persistence, you can live any life you want. Any life.

So what is that ‘any life’ I want to lead?

There is a feeling inside me that I want to do something great in this world. For this world. I agree with Howard Thurman, when he said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

I believe in that. I love being around people who are truly alive. It warms my heart. It puts a smile on my face. It’s motivating. It’s inspirational. It makes me come alive right next to them.

There are times when we all just let life dictate to us. That is reactionary. That is dead living. That is not how I want to be. Not in any aspect of my life. I should be dictating. Directing. We should all be directing our lives. Steering our lives. Our lives should not be steering us.

We all need to be alive. To feel alive. If you’re dead now, it’s time to make decisions that get you to come alive. That force you to come alive.

I’m not part of the living dead right now. Not even close. But still, some change is on the horizon for me. Change that will fuel additional life inside of me. Even the pursuit of and the preparation for this coming change gives me more life.

I’m turning 40. I don’t have angst about aging. My body is aging, but mentally I’m growing. Nothing feels like it’s over…not at all. I feel like so many things are just beginning. I don’t have regret about a life passing me by. Because it’s not passing me by. I am living it. I am living in it.

I’m living alive. I’m asking you. I’m telling you. I’m demanding, that you come to life with me.