The Myth of Bad Karma

I read a study that said that 69% of young adults believe in karma. I imagine that the majority of all people believe in it, at least to some extent.

What if I told you that karma doesn’t exist? What if I told you that I know it doesn’t exist?

It doesn’t. Not really anyway, not in the way you probably think. I have thought this through, logically and thoroughly. And karma, the idea that what you do will come back to you by way of some mystical force, is just false. Bad karma only exists because you let it exist. Or if considering good karma, it exists because you make it happen.

One easy proof that karma doesn’t exist lies simply in a successful a—hole that lives happily ever after. There is no karmic explanation for that person.

What people refer to as karma is that positivity and negativity that you carry around with you after you do something. If you do good things for people, you will have this positive energy, feeling great about yourself, and you will attract positive things to you. And if you do bad things to people, whether you justify them or not in your conscious mind, you will carry this negative energy around with you and will attract negative things.

The reason that some a—holes in the world seem to always fall into great situations, is because they have no conscious. And they do not carry around bad ‘karma’ with them. They can do something horrible to someone and hold zero guilt.

But for most of the people in this world, we have a conscious. We know, even if it’s in the deepest and darkest parts of your mind, that we did something wrong. That we hurt someone or something. And we harbor that guilt. And we cannot forgive ourselves. And that negativity comes back to us.

I was raised Catholic and would go to confession when I was forced by my parents. Confession is when you tell your sins to a priest and he usually tells you to say some prayers to make amends for them. I always felt great walking out of confession and I never really understood why until I was older.

Whether you believe in God absolving your sins or not, is NOT the issue. What is the issue, is doing something that gets you to confront yourself with the bad deeds you have done. And forces you to do  something proactive to make amends for them. Not reactive to future consequences, as we have been programmed to do by society. This process digs up those bad deeds from the place you buried them in your mind and forces you to deal with them.

Bad karma doesn’t exist…guilt exists. Negativity exists. Not forgiving yourself exists.

Forgiving anyone is not easy. Forgiving yourself is not easy. Forgiving yourself for things you don’t think about in your conscious mind is near impossible. You need to think about it. You need to make up for it.

I’m going to get into ‘forgiveness’ in another post. But most of the people do most of the right things most of the time. Anything you did in your life is probably forgivable. I know, you hurt someone. That’s OK. Don’t let it happen again. I say to you, I say to the deepest part of your subconscious, that you are forgiven. You are free from that wrong. If you feel like maybe you don’t deserve to be forgiven, do something nice for someone today to make amends for what you did. If what you did was sooooo bad, then do something sooooo good. While maybe you never right the wrong directly to the victim or victims, right the wrong to people who deserved to get a right. Right someone else’s wrongs. That will help you erase that bad energy inside of you.

Do not let the dark parts of your own mind sabotage your life any longer. That is better for you. That is better for those around you. It is better for the world. Thereby making it better for the actual people you hurt in the first place.