In my weakest moments, a derogatory comment from someone sends my head spinning. Just a tiny insult and my inner dialog goes on a long rant about how ‘not good’ I actually am. How everyone knows how bad I am. How everyone laughs at me behind my back.

Insecurity, that creeping doubt in your mind that you aren’t any good, just lurks. It craves confirmation. And if confirmation doesn’t come, insecurity will seek it out.

Think about what it means to be insecure…it’s like a constant insult to yourself. The person solely responsible for your decision-making, is constantly telling you that you are not qualified to make good decisions.

Insecurity is paralyzing. It cripples growth and success. Halts change and productivity.

And it actually makes you look weak…literally. Your meek demeanor and your entire physical appearance screams to people that they can walk right over you. So they do. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. And that feeds into more insecurity.

In our weakest and our darkest times, our insecurities are at their height . And at the tip of our emotions. Waiting on any opportunity to pounce on our minds.

But there is a way…to combat this. To rid this from your mind. From your life. And it dates back thousands of years…it’s from Socrates. He simply said, ‘Know thyself.’

Know everything. Every weakness. Every strength. Every fear. Every dream. Every accomplishment that gives you a sense of pride. Know every everything about yourself.

Walk with that confidence, that swagger, in the areas you feel great about. Walk and work towards your goals through those strengths. Work  to improve whatever you need to…whatever else you feel is important in order to realize those dreams.

I don’t have many weak moments, anymore. I don’t have many insecurities, anymore. I have flaws. And faults. We all do. I take comfort in that. You should too.

The difference is, that I own those flaws now. They don’t own me. Know that flaws turn into insecurities when we don’t own them. Then the disease of insecurity spreads to real skills that you possess.

I know where I’m going. I know what I want. I know what I have that’s going to help get me there. I know what I am going to need to work on, to help get me there.

Don’t sit there, insulting yourself. Not anymore. That’s not taking you anywhere worth going.