THE Recipe for Success


A great chef can taste a dish and can tell you most of the ingredients in it. He or she might also tell you what they would do differently, to make it taste better.

I have heard many ‘recipe’s for success’ in my day. And while I’m far from a great chef, I feel like I’m getting close to knowing exactly what it takes to do success right.

Here is what to do…

Start with any mind and body.

1 cup Hope
1 cup Dreams
2 cups Passion

Mix well

A pinch Reality
1 teaspoon Critical Feedback
1 cup Ethics (can substitute Integrity)

Knead until ready.

2 heaping tablespoons Research
2 heaping tablespoons Planning
3 whole Goals

Now you’re ready to get into it. Roll up sleeves. Because this will get messy.

In a separate bowl…add:
1 cup Motivation.
1 cup Focus
1 cup Commitment

Wire whip this mixture. You will know, exactly, the moment it’s ready. Then add it to the mind and body. This will create a bubbling action, sometimes spilling over the sides.

Quickly add:
1 cup Efficiency
3 cups Excellence (go for Perfection brand. If you can’t find that, get closest thing to it.)
5 cups Effort

Continuously mix, and stir in:
2 cups Relentlessness

Now…gather people to help you, because this is rarely done well alone. Then get everyone to stir furiously in same direction.

You’re almost there…

2 cups Fortitude

Mix on HIGH.

Now, your mixer will likely break at some point. Your batter spilling all over the place. Know that this will happen, so have a blender ready. Then throw all those spilled ingredients into that waiting blender and crush. If blender breaks, stir with anything you can find. Your hand if you have to. Whatever it takes…just keep going.

Pour it in ungreased pan and cook to taste.

Now sample it. You will know if you did it right. Because true success, made with dreams, and integrity, and passion, and teamwork, and achieving goals, and the right motivation, and commitment, and overcoming obstacles, and all these other things…taste better than anything you’ve ever had.


Chef Notes:
If this recipe works easily and on the first try, something’s probably not right.

The batter sometimes tastes better than the end product. If that’s the case go back to step one. Make a new batch. Maybe with new dreams. And different passions.

With all healthy ingredients, success is a very good thing to ingest. I recommend eating this as often as you’d like. As often as you are willing to do what it takes to cook this dish.