Easy Miss

I hear this all the time. My girlfriend left me and I miss her so much. Some company fired me and I really miss working there. I miss going to work each day. The bank foreclosed on my home and I miss having a place to call my own.

You are left…jobless, homeless, heartbroken, whatever. You are now without something you hold of high value. And you harp over what was. You put energy towards the bad decisions that you made that brought you to your current misery. Or blaming someone else for your trouble.

I watch a lot of people live in hindsight. Seriously contemplating decisions they
could have or should have made. Spending precious time and energy on issues that they can’t go back and change. Taking a long look at the now unattainable ‘other

It’s easy to miss something. Or someone. It is really easy to make decisions after the fact. Not taking into account your view or your feelings at that point in time when you made that decision.

The hardest decisions in your life are made right now. In the present. Don’t take the boyfriend for granted…right now. Don’t take the job for granted…right now. Don’t take your health for granted…right now. Do everything right now to keep those things you hold of value.

Not every action by you will show its merits right away. Lift weights today and it shows nothing today. Sweat through the right workout for 6 days a week for a few months…and you are a physically strong person. Don’t not lift weights and then regret you are not strong.

Just the same, don’t ignore a girlfriend than miss her to death when she breaks up with you. Don’t half-ass a job then regret getting fired.

Have forethought. Have passion. Have strength behind whatever choice you make. And when you make that choice, do everything in your power to make whatever you decided, the right decision.

It is very easy to miss someone. Just don’t do anything to help maintain and grow the relationship. And they will be out of your life.

Sometimes the easiest choice is the best. Just not in this case.