Background Check

Scientists did a study in wine stores in border towns between France and Germany. When they played French music in the background, customers bought significantly more French wine. When they played German music in the background, customers bought significantly more German wine.

Think about that. That is the subconscious affecting purchasing decisions.

If our subconscious guides us in decision making, shouldn’t we analyze what is in our background? Maybe it’s time to change the music. Maybe it’s time to change a lot more than the music.

Why do you think the government banned subliminal advertising? Too many people were making decisions based upon messages in the background of advertisements received by their subconscious. It’s like a subtle form of mind control.

Maybe this is the reason it’s so difficult to rehabilitate convicted felons. Prisoners are surrounded by incarcerated criminals. Their subconscious picks up their entire surroundings; regret, misery, anger, hurt. The bars on the cells are a constant subconscious reminder that they are in captivity. Guards with guns stare at them while they’re in the yard. There are fights and stabbings and killings going on around them. Even if they actively pursue rehabilitation… most don’t have a chance. Their backgrounds in their lives are overloaded with negativity.

Is this what your subconscious picks up every day? Is negativity surrounding you at all time?

And you wonder why you can’t get motivated to get the things you really want out of life…

Your conscious mind eats what your subconscious feeds it. I used to laugh at all the groups that wanted hardcore music off the radio and MTV. While I still think those people are crazy, it’s something you have to factor into your own life…at least in part. If you are not happy with the decisions you are making, maybe it’s time to change what’s in your background.

Change the books you keep on your shelf. Change the movies and TV you watch. The websites you leave up on your computer. It is said that classical music stimulates brain development and calms you down, while genre’s like rock, rap, and electronica lead to erratic thought patterns. I know that the music you like is the music you like, but why not kick on classical before bed? Or while you work or study…just put it on in the background.

Put up posters on your wall of inspirational people. Allow your subconscious to get a look at the people you consider heroes…people you aspire to be. Or a life you aspire to have. Decorate your office with your best accomplishments. Post short and long term goals so that you can see them. Hang quotes that move you on your mirror. Put pictures that make you think of your lifelong dream…whatever that is…anywhere you have open space. Put little symbols and reminders of things that make you happy all over the place.

You will barely notice any of these things after the first two weeks of having them around. But your conscious mind doesn’t need to register them for your mind to register them.

Maybe they should send subliminal positivity on prisoners? Or maybe send those messages to obese children to help them eat healthier and exercise more. Or to people trying to quit smoking. Would that be so wrong?

I don’t know that this is the end all be all answer…but if what you are doing now isn’t working for you…isn’t changing your background worth a shot? It seems logical. Send subliminal messages to get yourself where you want to go.