Do Not Doubt Me




Take this in, digest it. Tweak it as you see fit. Say the words out loud if it helps. And then use them as your own next time someone doubts you. Next time people spew hate on your ideas, your passion, your will, your abilities…

‘I am doing this. You are either here to support and encourage me or you are invisible to me.

This isn’t about you. This is about me. My wants and my dreams.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to put yourself out there? To stretch yourself so far that you don’t know if you are going to make it or not? To feel like you barely know what you’re doing. Leaving yourself open to criticism is the least of it. Every day, to stare at the possibility of public failure…that takes raw courage.

Do it enough times and you become fearless.

But you don’t do that. You don’t do much of anything.

I’m out there reaching my potential. You’re inside, contemplating reaching for the TV remote. And you’re criticizing me?

I don’t know why you haven’t moved from the place you’ve been in seemingly forever. Maybe you were defeated a long time ago and couldn’t stand the thought of facing failure again. Maybe you were too scared to step up to the plate in the first place. Either way, stagnation is your prison. Not mine.

Sure, I’ve put effort towards some other things before, and some didn’t work out. It’s OK. I will not be deterred by failure. It’s better than OK, because I learned something each time I failed. And one of those things is that all the naysayers…they don’t contribute anything to a positive outcome. They can only assist in failure. But I will not allow you to assist me anymore.

You’re either on board with me, or I’m going to shove you off. Right now.

I’ve grown bigger. Stronger. I’ve been doing it right in front of you so maybe you don’t notice the difference. But if you can clear your mind of the box you put me in, it’s plain as day. I am real. I am strong. I am ready.

I am going to make it. My new dream is going to be fulfilled. My wish granted…not by a genie mind you, but earned with sweat and nerve and eternal drive.

And you know what? Even if I don’t, make it, I will get up again and go do something else. Knocked down seven times get up eight. I’ll go hard after something else…again. Fearless…again.

Do not doubt me. Not now. Not ever. And if you do, do it only in your dark, closed mind. Don’t say it to me. Don’t poison my real friends and family with your negativity.

When I do make it huge, and I will, I might look back for you. But I’ll be so far out in the deep water swimming freely, and you’ll still be wading in the baby pool. Safe, but still shallow as hell.’