Pregame Motivation

Before every game, teams huddle in the locker room. If you haven’t experienced this yourself, you’ve probably seen it in a sports movie. The team’s prep work is already done. The coach’s job at that point is all about motivation. If I was your coach…if I was in your locker room this morning…this is what I would say:

Today is a big day for you. I don’t want you to forget that. Because what you do today could change the outcome of this game. What you do today could change the course of your life. Consider the enormity of all your decisions. And of all your non-decisions.

Remember the purpose of the present moment. Everything you’ve worked for your whole life has led you to this moment. What you do in this moment, will lead you to the next. You want to walk into your next moment a loser?

You don’t have to. You never have to.

I wish I could be out there and do it for you. To fulfill your dreams. To make it happen for you. I can’t. No one else in the world can. It’s all on you.

If you want something, it’s not going to be handed to you. You have to take it.

You opponents want it too. And they are strong. They are talented. They are smart. And fast. And quick. And your opponents won’t quit.

A lot of people out there don’t think you can do this. But it doesn’t matter what they think. I know differently what you are capable of. But it doesn’t even matter what I think. You must know in your heart that you belong on this stage. You belong on the biggest stage. In the winner’s circle on that biggest stage.

The difference between you winning and losing all comes down to one thing…how much effort you want to give.

Now everyone gives some level of effort. Nobody out there wants to lose. But regular effort…that’s not what I’m talking about. I want more out of you today. More than you have ever given. More than you ever knew you could give.

It’s the kind of effort that is going to stretch you. Make you reach higher. Run faster. And think smarter.

The kind of will that normal people who aren’t listening to this, won’t understand. The kind of talent and desire that people not listening to this will never uncover in themselves. Because they don’t even know it’s there. I know it’s there…in you. You have more to give than you ever thought imaginable.

A ninety pound mother can lift up a car to rescue her child trapped under it. That undiscovered strength is inside of you. Yes it may take something you are wildly passionate about to uncover that strength. So become wildly passionate about yourself and what you are doing.

You are stronger. You are more talented. You are smarter. And faster. And quicker. You won’t quit, more so that anyone else.

You have it within your power to will yourself to victory. Make it happen. Be the difference.

Give more. Do more. Get more. Say that out loud.

If you leave every last bit of what you have out there on the floor, you walk into your next moment a winner. Regardless of anything.

Choose to win today.