No One Is Coming to Save You

No one is coming for you.

No one is coming to save you.

I would do it. I would save you if I could. But I can’t.

Even if I put you on my back and slogged for a thousand steps. You would still be in the same place.

No one can carry you to where you want to go. Where you need to go. That would be impossible. If you didn’t get there on your own. No matter how far you travelled…you didn’t get there.

It’s a lonely world in this Way.

But you’re not alone in this.

No one is coming to save me either.

That thought was so incredibly troubling to me when I realized it all over again…just a few days ago. After weeks of screaming for help in my own Way. Practically begging for someone to come save me.

Most people aren’t available enough to even hear other people cry for help. Some just tune it out. I say this with no blame or ill will. I do it too to others in need, sometimes. Especially when I’m down.

And even the best people. With the best intentions. They can be there for you in some ways. But they aren’t getting you any further than you’re willing to take yourself.

So you’re alone on this journey. And I’m alone on this journey. But we’re doing the same thing. And we are in this together. We have to do this on our own. But we don’t have to be alone while we do it. We shouldn’t be alone.

If you’re a believer in any god. You’re probably denying this concept right now. Your thinking your god can save you. But your god already did his or her part. And gave you every single thing that you need.

You must realize the truth in Miyamoto Musashi’s words. ‘There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.’

This is uplifting. This is empowering. This is everything.

You are enough. So am I. You have enough. So do I.

Alone is the only Way. I don’t agree with everything in The Way of Walking Alone. But it’s right in every Way.

For me, I can’t actually be physically alone right now. I keep surrounding myself with all these different people who I love. Over and over again. It’s what I need to do, just to breathe.

But I know I must do this climb again. Alone again. Alone, yet together with you…again.

I’ve had the good fortune of having been up there. In the past. So very high up. It’s so so so much better up there. Even that realization that better is out there is motivation enough. That didn’t exist a few weeks ago. It sucks down here. And that high is worth every ounce of energy I can give to go get it.

If you’re down here and you want to show yourself. Comment or dm me. If you aren’t comfortable being out there. I get that too.

My strength is building. I can feel it. Yours can too.

I’m ready to take my first real step up. Draft behind me if you need to do so. There will be times on this journey that you will need to lead. That you will need to encourage me, like so many of you already have. And I’ll need to draft behind you. Like I have done behind you. So many times. But I’ll take the first lead.

Where we all want to end up, is a long way away. I know. But don’t be discouraged by that. We don’t need strength for the whole journey. Not right now. And not ever really. We just strength enough for that first step. Then build strength for the next. And then the next.

I’m going up. And you should come with me.

If better is out there. Let’s go get it. Alone, together.